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We live at the intersection of AI & XR

We view ourselves as technology enablers, dancing the line between emerging technologies and  new engagement methods, working on both simultaneously to create tools that not only expose the massive business benefits, but also making them available through intuitive and engaging experiences.

Areas of Expertise

Conversational Interfaces

Engage with your audience in ways that come naturally to them. Natural language models coupled with information extraction algorithms targeted toward your proprietary data sources creates the backbone of conversational interfaces.


Workflow Revolution

With AI, we can change the way people work, transform work processes, and redesign leadership. A single workflow can be reimagined by automating tasks, generating intelligent insights for better and faster decision making, and predictive modelling that allows you to constantly improve your operations.


Generative AI

Creativity no longer needs a mastery of complex applications to be realized. Generative AI solutions allow us to create images, text, animations, campaigns, literally anything that has traditionally lived in the domain of "creatives". Although we won't replace human intuition, we can use AI to move creative collaboration and production into new realms.


Predictive AI

Making predictions about the future no longer has anything to do with tarot cards or palm reading. For a while it was done with the help of science, and today it is done with the help of predictive AI, which uses statistical models and algorithms to make predictions. It identifies patterns and relationships from historical data and forms probable future outcomes from them.


Extended Reality

We are moving toward a fully immersive future that is changing the way we live, work and play. Extended reality offers businesses the opportunity to expand their digital presence and engage with customers in new and innovative ways. It enables the creation of virtual spaces that reflect the brand and offer unique experiences that can not be found anywhere else. Imagine a digital extension of our universe where you can interact with others, and the environment, in real time using a variety of digital devices.


Digital Twin Technology

A digital twin is often related to a digital representation of a physical object. But we can now extend that reference far beyond the obvious physical products we interact with every day. Approaching it as much as a data technology, we can step into a world where we twin processes, team dynamics, the physical locations that they operate within, and, ultimately, entire organizations.


Tools of the trade

We focus our effort on solving the distinct challenges our clients bring to us in any way possible. This means the tools we use to do so is an ever-growing list that constantly evolves as new technologies are introduced. The following is just a sampling of some key technologies we have strong knowledge and experience with.

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