Immersive experiences, 
powered by AI


The next phase of digital transformation is here.

Create unforgettable experiences and bring value to all phases of your customer life cycle with a combination of AI and Extended Reality.

Our award-winning team comprises a unique blend of industry-leading 3D and AI experts. Collaborating closely, we create pioneering immersive experiences by combining creativity with new and emerging technologies.

The way your audience buys is changing

3D and Extended Reality technologies have changed the way consumers expect to interact with your brand, and shop online. Combining Extended Reality technologies with the power of AI enables us to create brand-specific experiences that reach your customers where they are.

Manufacturers already experimenting with industrial metaverse applications.


Increase in conversion rates with AR-driven experiences in retail.


Volume of shoppers that prefer stores that offer AR experiences.

The benefits of Younite-AI's Immersive Showroom


Improve customer satisfaction

Features like conversational AI improve experience KPIs and metrics compared to a traditional customer journey.


Increase revenue and gain insights

Create a stronger emotional connection with customers and gain valuable insight through their interaction with your Immersive Showroom.


Provide an industry-leading experience

Immersive experiences are consistently perform better compared to the competition, based on user feedback and analytics.


Retain ownership of your brand

Ensure your products are displayed to represent your brand to the highest standar, and consistency by leveraging photorealistic 3D models.

Access the experience with any device

The Immersive Showroom comes to life when viewed through VR headsets like the Apple Vision Pro or Meta Quest – but the experience is also accessible online through any other device.


Immersive Showroom Use Case

TG Boats product configurator

A precise online configurator enhances the customization experience within the TG Boats virtual showroom.

Customers can easily create their ideal boat package, save it for themselves, share it with friends, post it on social media, and request a quote from a dealer. This next-gen configurator isn't just a beneficial tool, it's a glimpse into the future of buying.

Laura Olin

Head of XR Studio

The way we work and consume is changing as we enter the world of 3D internet. By combining photorealistic digital twins with artificial intelligence, we unlock the full potential of immersive experiences. This is something we have years of experience doing, and we're thrilled to help companies enter this new business landscape.


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Laura Olin
Head of XR Studio

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