Uberizing a remote caregiver workforce

We crafted a technology eco-system that bonded remote caregiver employees in real-time through native apps to their agency employers. This constant connectivity allowed us to optimizing workflows and increase efficiencies, allwhile reducing operating costs for the healthcare staffing agencies.

The Challenge

The Care industry relies on staffing agencies to assign shifts to their caregiver workforce for insurance approved clients. Traditionally, this was done with analog agency management systems that required a lot of human interaction.

This reliance on human decision making led to huge inefficiencies in the operations of the agencies with agency staff spending a lot of time on the phone.

A lack of expose to the full pool of available caregivers would also fuel natural human behaviors leading to agency workers and caregivers forming relationships and alliances. A bias that would impact maximizing the caregiver pool within these agencies.

Our Contribution_



  • Product Vision & Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Product Management
  • Roadmapping
  • User Research & Testing


  • Design System Development
  • Interaction Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Brand Design
  • Rapid Prototyping


  • iOS & Android Development
  • Technical Architecture Planning
  • AI Engineering & Machine Learning
  • Cloud Services Technologies
  • APi Development

Intelligent matching aimed at rewarding proactive caregivers_

Traditionally caregiver matching was simply done based on availability. For our solution, we wanted to take it many steps further. Proximity to shift locations at the shift time meant that caregivers could string together multiple shifts and minimize travel between them. With consistency often being an issue, any history a client has with a caregiver would also increase matching probability.

Beyond attribute matching, we also leveraged caregiver behaviors to increase probability of shift acceptance. Time trends for accepting shifts, preferred locations, and types of client would all factor in to an automated matching and invite system. This would ensure more volume of shifts fulfilled and focus agency staffs energy on problem shifts and restaffing cancellations.



Newly approved shifts from insurance providers are ingested into the agency system



Algorithms find the best matches to shifts and automated invitations are sent in timed waves



Incoming request can automatically assign the shift, or can be manually accepted after review

Constant contact with constant support

A key user in our ecosystem is the caregiver, who we studied to decipher a fluid lifestyle often intertwined with other roles and responsibilities. By enabling caregivers to maximize their working calendar, as well as offer additional support such as same-day pay, remote training, and tools to help maintain work compliance, we were able to develop a beneficial support mechanism to help make CareConnect the preferred choice for caregivers, and to the agencies that employ them.

Project Highlights

  • Complete visual and UX design to set up continued products evolutions and feature expansions

  • Both iOS and Android apps built native to their respective platform

  • Developed to seamlessly integrate with the larger platform eco-system

  • Built on Amazon cloud web services for speed, stability, and scalability

  • Complex matching algorithm to match caregivers to shifts and minimize costs and travel times

The Results

Over the course of our engagement developing the CareConnect platform, it has evolved from shift matching to also include comprehensive caregiver compliance management, caregiver remote training, and even the ability to tap into pay day early with advance payments. The results speak to a happier workforce, and better business for the staffing agencies.

Projected reduction in caregiver pool needs
Increase speed in shift placement
Manageable caseload volume increase
Key Technologies Used

Dave Papworth

CCO • New York
As a creative, rarely do you get a project that involves undertaking everything from branding to concepting and creating an entire service. For that reason this project has been a hugely complex and challenging, but a satisfying one that has left me very proud of the Younite-AI team and my personal part in making it happen.

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