Expanding an established cashback platform into travel with hotel booking


How can we seamlessly infuse a unique category into a universal cash back platform?

The Challenge

Dosh came to Younite-AI after experiencing challenges with developing their hotel booking functionality. Our deep experience and expertise in this area helped make it happen.

The Dosh team had already developed an extremely successful product and cashback platform that focused on retailers and restaurants. As the demand for cashback was increasing gaps were recognized in areas such as travel. With the Dosh team heads down on the new evolution of their core product the demand for resources was leaving these opportunities behind. That's where we stepped in, and with our previous experience in travel cashback platforms, we helped kick start the development of a completely new hotel booking section within the dosh app.


Our Approach

To truly be on board with the Dosh team, and ultimately build a relationship where we were seen as an integral part of their team, we embedded our developers on-site for a period of time to allow us to absorb their culture and passion for what they were creating.
Our development team worked closely with the Dosh design and development teams to ensure we maintained the integrity and consistency of the brand they had created while expanding on elements and components to meet the new needs of the hotel booking feature.

Service Integrations

Third-party providers were used to serve up the hotel inventory. In addition, outside sources were integrated for price comparison. The Finlabs teams developed out these dynamic integrations and architected the platform to accommodate for a constant flow of updates from a constantly changing source. 


Rebuilt Checkout Flow

With the unique aspects of hotel booking, a completely new checkout flow was needed. We integrated into the existing checkout features already in place and expanded on them to cater to these unique needs while integrating the transactional flow between Dosh and the inventory provider. 

The Results

The Dosh app update was released successfully and on time, with bookings starting to flow in from day one. The strength within the team has ensured ongoing collaboration with our friends on the Dosh team.

Key Technologies Used


Niko Rehnbäck

Mobile Development Lead •  Oulu
This was a project where I not only learned a lot from the talented Dosh team, but I also felt genuine mutual respect from their team as well. This was an enjoyable project with an inspiring group where you never felt alone.

"They continually went above and beyond to make sure the project stayed on track. We launched the product successfully, on time with next to no critical issues or regressions. I give Finlabs my highest recommendation for the work they did for us at Dosh."

Jason Bender. Engineering Director  - Dosh

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