Helping entrepreneurs financially navigate a pandemic


How can we build a supportive community for Finnish entrepreneurs to navigate the pandemic collectively?

The Challenge

Tens of thousands of companies and entrepreneurs were drifting into serious payment difficulties due to the coronavirus. was set up as a real-time information resource, building a direct link between companies and entrepreneurs and those offering assistance during the pandemic. On this site, we collect information on the economic crisis situation, create as real-time a picture as possible, and not only identify the problems but also offer solutions. Built on Wordpress, the end solution is a living, breathing, rich resource of information to help Finns and Finnish businesses navigate and manage through crisis scenarios like the coronavirus.


Designed for collaboration

A desired outcome of the platform was to allow an ever growing community of users to discuss and react to topical problems triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. We created a set of tools that allowed users to easily contribute to the conversations and share their own observations and solutions.

Fast, easy, and convenient publishing

Speed and tineliness is really important for today's modern publishing work. This challenge was solved by implementing a custom made, purpose built publishing process with powerful tools enabling contributors to publish stories, set priority, and push them into social media fast in a single platform.

Inherently Scalable

From day one we crafted a solution that was built to grow. By using a robust AWS environment meant we had the capacity for the resulting platform to securely scale with the increase in users and content produced.

Structured for discovery

A comprehensive tagging system allowed us to build in a powerful content discovery search engine that gave the users complete control to quickly surface the information and resources that were applicable to them or their business.

Accumulative searching functionality meant the density of results was in complete control of the user. The more tagged criteria they activated the denser the body of results would be. We found this allowed users to find the relevant information in a third of the time as opposed to deciphering search strings.

Key Technologies Used

Janne Laakonen

Senior Software Developer  •  Oulu
It was a pleasure to work on this project to tackle the challenges related to Covid-19 pandemic problems and the economical effects it caused. The understanding of the level of action needed escalated quickly in mid-March 2020 and we made exceptionally fast moves to set up the team, select technologies, and drive the project towards customer success. I think we had the best team to tackle this level of a challenge.

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